Credits for the research: Thomas and Clara, the best Erasmus students

1. Getting Started

How to find an apartement

a) Erasmusu ( you can basically find anything in it. Wonderful and awful offers. Other alternatives are:,
b) Gumtree and OLX are also a good website for you (, but they are only in polish so you may have to ask someone to translate the offers
c) You can also look up agencies on the internet. It’s a convenient, but a bit more expensive option
d) You can apply for a room in a dormitory ?????
e) You can also look for a foreign students groups on facebook, such as thekrakowexpats

2. Planning your semester

The learning agreement is the first thing to worry about. It will established the classes you will take in your next 5/6 month. You must find out witch classes are taught in english or ask to the administration of your school to send you the list.

  1. choose the classes you are interested in
  2. print the official document and sign it
  3. send it to your administration. This document must be signed by both administration: yours and the arrival one.

  Finding your classes

There is not only one teacher for each courses so you must contact all of them and choose the one that you feel is more fitting.  Also, you will have more or less 2 week to change it when the classes begin. You must do the same to modified it, send it to your administration and had the new document signed by both schools.

  • There is no official list of the teachers who take on Erasmus students at the moment. You must ask and find out for yourself, or with help of coordinators and administration.
  • There is a site with general timetables. You will not have your own timetable, you must find your classes in the general timetable. Look for the mode „Art & Design I” in „Harmonogram studiów stacjonarnych”.

Finding your buildings

Pedagogical University has several locations:

  1. Main building, where most of the paperwork is being done,  Podchorążych 2
  2. Art classes usually take place in Mazowiecka 43
  3. Design classes in Kazimierz District, Podbrzezie 3

3. Other useful information


Public transport is quite well organised in Krakow. There are several types of tickets, but the most useful ones are for 20 or 40 minutes, because Krakow is not a very big city.

Route searcher is going to be one of your best friends during your stay. It’s also available in a form of an app.

If you choose to live near to the centre, it could come in handy to buy a bike. In the flea market they cost around 300 pln (around 70 Euro). You can try sell it back in the same place and the same price after your stay;) There is also a supercheap option to use city bikes vavelo


Biedronka and Carrefour, Tesco are cheap supermarkets, they also open smaller and a bit more expensive shops around the city centre.

For bigger shopping you can check out shopping malls such as Galeria Krakowska or Galeria Kazimierz.

  Food and drinks

There are lots of places around the city centre and Kazimierz District. To name only few of them: Pizza Garden, Forum, Eszeweria, Alchemia, Babcia Malina.